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Jean Honoré Fragonard
c. 1769
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I am a reader. I go through a lot of books and articles and wanted a way to refresh my memory of important key points.  Importance could be that they effected my learning or that they are mentioned in our society by MSM, Bloggers or Politicians.

Reviewing or testing ones knowledge of these books and articles are for educational purposes only and fall under the Fair Use copyright laws.

I have disabled comments since I do not have time or money to properly moderate comments.

Just because I have included a book/article does not mean I endorse it, its authors or viewpoints.

It is my hope that you will find this website helpful along your own self learning journey.


None Dare Call it Conspiracy

Written in the early seventies, a lot could be added to this book. 

Articles of Conferation Explained

Before the Constitution – we had the Articles of Conferation. Seabrook